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Trust the Accountant With Over 15 Years of Experience

LaPointe & Sonnier Bookkeeping and Tax is one of the leading accounting firms in Lafayette, LA

At LaPointe & Sonnier Bookkeeping and Tax, we specialize in personalized accounting services for individuals, corporations and nonprofits. We are a small local firm that offers:

When you choose LaPointe & Sonnier for your accounting needs, you're choosing an experienced accountant you can trust. Call our offices today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our accounting services in Lafayette, LA.

bookkeeping services lafayette la


Let our expert accountants handle your bookkeeping.

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We handle personal, corporate and nonprofit tax preparation.

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We can help process your company's payroll and taxes.

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Learn how to use QuickBooks or let us manage your data.

Friendly and professional accounting services

Our goal at LaPointe & Sonnier Bookkeeping and Tax is to educate and empower our clients. Unlike other accounting firms that leave you in the dark, we're always available to answer questions and address concerns about your finances.

We pride ourselves on being approachable and easy to talk to, and we're happy to make office calls as needed. If you're searching for an accountant you can feel confident in, contact LaPointe & Sonnier Bookkeeping and Tax of Lafayette, Louisiana now.

Why choose a professional accountant?

Accounting firms might seem like something that only large corporations or investors need, but accounting services are beneficial to almost anyone. Common reasons individuals and businesses choose to hire an accountant include:

  • New business financing
  • Tax preparation
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Payroll management

Whether you're an individual, corporation or non-profit, accounting services can help streamline your administrative work. This gives you more time to invest in your family, business, or organization. For help managing your own bookkeeping and accounting, call the offices of LaPointe & Sonnier in Lafayette, LA today.